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AMSC Board of Directors

The AMSC Board of Directors is responsible for providing policy decisions and guidance to the executive for execution. The board is elected by our membership. In accordance with the AMSC By laws, the board elects a Chair, Vice Chair, and Secretary, and appoints an executive (President, Vice President and Treasurer) to organize and run the day-to-day functions of the council. The President recruits and appoints the chairs of the various operating committees.

2017-2018 AMSC Board of Directors

  • Chair - Laurie Fraser
  • Vice Chair - Dr. Annie Saylor - SimTec
  • President - John W. Hughes Jr. - Alpha Beta Technologies
  • Secretary - Joe Gauthier - Raytheon
  • Treasurer - Paul Agarwal - Colsa Corp.
  • Executive Director - Ralph Weber
  • Director Emeritus - Bruce Fairchild (non-voting)
  • Alleen Bray - Aegis Technologies
  • Mark McDaniel - Aegis Technologies
  • Dr. Dietmar Moeller - Clausthal University of Technology (TUC)
  • Charlie Prince - University of Alabama Birmingham
  • Dr. Jeremy White - Auburn University
  • Dr. Gerald Prichard - Parsons Corporation
2017 AlaSim International

2018 AlaSim
Call for Participation

The AlaSim Committee is calling for participation from authors, speakers, exhibitors, and sponsors for the 2018 AlaSim International Conference & Expo to be held on May 22-23 of this year. Abstracts for briefings, workshops, tutorials, and panel discussions related to in-progress, planned, and completed modeling and simulation projects of interest are being actively solicited. Abstracts are reviewed by the conference committee for inclusion in the final program. Authors are asked and expected to pre-register and present their work at the conference. Optionally, papers are now accepted in lieu of briefings submissions.

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AlaSim International is scheduled for May 22-23, 2018.