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AMSC offers something for everyone! If you have an interest in the Modeling & Simulation industry of Alabama, we would be pleased to have your participation! Below you'll find descriptions of the various annual membership types. When you find the membership type that is right for you, please click the "Join or Renew Now" button to begin the application process. If you don't feel comfortable supplying your information online, click the "Apply Offline" button to download an application form that can be returned via U.S. Mail. Please contact us if you require assistance.

Annual Membership Descriptions

  • Corporate Membership
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    For-profit and non-profit corporations which derive a portion of their revenue from research, development, manufacturing or management of modeling and simulation technology. Membership pricing is based on the number of employees you wish to participate with AMSC.
    $125.00 (1 - 9 employees)
    $250.00 (10 - 49 employees)
    $500.00 (50 - 99 employees)
    $1000.00 (100+ employees)
  • Practitioner Membership (individuals unaffiliated with an organization)
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    Practitioners of modeling and simulation or other individuals with an interest in the modeling and simulation industry of Alabama. NOTE: Before applying for an individual Practitioner Membership, please check to see if your organization is already a member. If so, please contact your organization point-of-contact for further instructions. If you're not sure who to contact or you have further questions, contact us.
    $50.00 per person
  • Retiree Membership
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    Retired individuals with an interest in modeling and simulation.
    $35.00 per organization
  • Student Membership
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    Full-time university and high school students studying modeling and simulation technology. Student ID is required.
    $20.00 per organization
  • Association Membership
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    Nationally and/or internationally recognized, non-commercial associations or organizations with a mission involving modeling and simulation. Examples include the Society for Modeling and Simulation (SCS), the Simulation Interoperability Standards Organization (SISO), and the Institute for Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE), etc.
    $175.00 per organization
  • Exempt Membership
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    Non-commercial organizations such as government, military, or accredited academic institutions (technical schools, colleges, junior colleges, and universities) with an interest in the modeling and simulation industry in Alabama. Your active participation in AMSC is desirable.
    Free upon approval
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2017 AlaSim International

2018 AlaSim
Call for Participation

The AlaSim Committee is calling for participation from authors, speakers, exhibitors, and sponsors for the 2018 AlaSim International Conference & Expo to be held on May 22-23 of this year. Abstracts for briefings, workshops, tutorials, and panel discussions related to in-progress, planned, and completed modeling and simulation projects of interest are being actively solicited. Abstracts are reviewed by the conference committee for inclusion in the final program. Authors are asked and expected to pre-register and present their work at the conference. Optionally, papers are now accepted in lieu of briefings submissions.

Learn More

AlaSim International is scheduled for May 22-23, 2018.