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Modeling & Simulation Certification

What is the CMSP Program?

The CMSP (Certified Modeling & Simulation Professional) certification program was created in 2002 to provide the Modeling & Simulation industry with its own professional certification. Like the Professional Engineer (PE) or Project Management Professional (PMP) certifications, the CMSP designation signifies competence, skill and experience.

Why should you get the CMSP certification?

Anyone working in the field of Modeling & Simulation – developers, managers, analysts, and users/customers – should pursue the CMSP certification. If you consider Modeling & Simulation to be your “profession,” you absolutely need to get your CMSP.

The Modeling & Simulation Professional Certification Commission (M&SPCC) believes that the CMSP designation will become the industry standard in the years to come, and that in the near future:

  1. Industry professionals will be compelled to get the CMSP credential, as it will signify their knowledge and expertise, and further their careers.
  2. Companies and organizations will encourage and even require their employees to pursue the CMSP credential – both to ensure that their employees are well-educated and certified, and to demonstrate this fact to their customers.
  3. Customers will require companies working for them to have CMSP-certified employees, so they can be assured of competency and professionalism.

Please visit for more information or see the CMSP Recertification Guidance page.

2017 AlaSim International

2018 AlaSim
Call for Participation

The AlaSim Committee is calling for participation from authors, speakers, exhibitors, and sponsors for the 2018 AlaSim International Conference & Expo to be held on May 22-23 of this year. Abstracts for briefings, workshops, tutorials, and panel discussions related to in-progress, planned, and completed modeling and simulation projects of interest are being actively solicited. Abstracts are reviewed by the conference committee for inclusion in the final program. Authors are asked and expected to pre-register and present their work at the conference. Optionally, papers are now accepted in lieu of briefings submissions.

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AlaSim International is scheduled for May 22-23, 2018.