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Modeling & Simulation Marketplace (Business Development) Committee - Mission Charter

Alabama is a huge market for Modeling & Simulation (M&S) products and services that employ thousands of workers across multiple M&S domains. Conference and other events create a “market” for vendors and users. The economics of M&S should reveal its cost effectiveness when implemented as a solution.

Ojectives of the M&S Marketplace Committee:

  • identify conferences, exhibitions, workshops, and seminars in Alabama and elsewhere that are of value to our Council members.
  • identify who are the buyers (customers) and sellers of M&S.
  • liaison with the Alabama Economic Development Agency.
  • track the next possible round of Defense BRAC and possible impacts to Alabama.
  • advertise the conferences and events on the AMSC website and social media.
  • provide M&S Marketplace news in a monthly e-newsletter.

Goals of the M&S Marketplace Committee:

  • gain an understanding of the M&S market size in Alabama in terms of how many organizations utilize M&S; how many employees and the revenue from M&S.
  • showcase the impact to the Alabama economy by the M&S market.
  • track any trends affecting the M&S market. (budgets, BRAC)
  • provide the M&S market a venue to showcase their products.
  • make AMSC the go-to place for M&S Marketplace news in Alabama and elsewhere as possible.

Ground Rules:

  • Alabama is the primary focus, but the focus can extend to national and international as needed.
  • Each AMSC committee will actually compliment and share information directly and indirectly with other committees. Thus, strengthening all areas.
  • Timeline is unlimited and it is considered to be a continuous activity.
  • The M&S Marketplace Committee will self-organize and appoint a committee chair and vice-chair.
  • Participation is voluntary.
  • He committee can add objectives and goals as needed.
  • Primary interactions will be through email and meetings as needed.
  • The committee will report to the AMSC Board on progress made.
  • The AMSC Board, General Administration, and Website Manager will assist the committee as needed.
  • Membership is open to any M&S professional with a passion to see the results of their work which results in a continuous product that is a valuable asset to fellow simulationists in Alabama.

We will not build Rome in a day, but we can start to identify M&S Marketplace focus areas and be in the know of what the latest marketplace news is.

If you wish to volunteer or have comments or questions, please contact There is no closure date for requests to join a committee. The invitation will remain open.

2017 AlaSim International

2018 AlaSim
Call for Participation

The AlaSim Committee is calling for participation from authors, speakers, exhibitors, and sponsors for the 2018 AlaSim International Conference & Expo to be held on May 22-23 of this year. Abstracts for briefings, workshops, tutorials, and panel discussions related to in-progress, planned, and completed modeling and simulation projects of interest are being actively solicited. Abstracts are reviewed by the conference committee for inclusion in the final program. Authors are asked and expected to pre-register and present their work at the conference. Optionally, papers are now accepted in lieu of briefings submissions.

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AlaSim International is scheduled for May 22-23, 2018.