Promoting Alabama as the
recognized leader in the
development and application
of modeling and simulation

AMSC Modeling & Simulation Technology Committee - Mission Charter

Ojectives of the Modeling & Simulation (M&S) Technology Committee:

  • identify M&S organizations in Alabama using M&S technology.
  • determine the types M&S technologies they used.
  • showcase M&S news whether it be market trends, general news articles or cutting edge technology.
  • allow AMSC member organizations to spotlight their M&S development and news on our website.
  • track the evolution and invention of M&S in Alabama.

Goals of the M&S Technology Committee:

  • make The AMSC web/social media sites the premier go-to sites for M&S news and information in Alabama.
  • provide a valuable asset for members by showcasing valuable M&S news on our web/social media sites and in a monthly e-newsletter.

Ground Rules:

  • Membership is open to any M&S professional with a passion to see the results of their work which results in a continuous product that is a valuable asset to fellow simulationists in Alabama.
  • The Technology Committee will self-organize and appoint a committee chair and vice-chair.
  • Participation is voluntary.
  • Alabama is the primary focus, but the focus can extend to national and international as needed.
  • The committee can add objectives and goals as needed.
  • Primary interactions will be through email and meetings as needed.
  • Each AMSC committee will actually compliment and share information directly and indirectly with other committees. Thus, strengthening all areas.
  • The committee is organized for one year and can be extended by the Board.
  • The committee will report to the AMSC Board on progress made.
  • The AMSC Board, General Administration, and Website Manager will assist the committee as needed.

Modeling and Simulation technology is a huge topic. We will not build Rome in a day, but we can start to identify M&S technologies and affiliated organizations. This will provide AMSC will valuable information for its Council member and enable the greater Alabama M&S community to speak with one voice.

If you wish to volunteer or have comments or questions, please contact There is no closure date for requests to join a committee. The invitation will remain open.